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This Is My Story

I’m Lisa, the designer behind LS Creative. I’ve often said that design is what makes people think, without realizing what planted the seed. Graphic design is so important because it sets the tone of everything you see, but you might not realize the many nuances that go into making that tone what it is.

I adore those nuances. I enjoy researching and testing out different typefaces and color palettes and art styles to create pieces that speak directly to people, and allow them to consider things in ways they might not have before.

Located in the Toronto area, I have been designing for over five years, whether for local events, developing identities, or projects I’ve picked up for fun. I love books, and am really enjoying web design. I am constantly keeping myself active, and have been told I have a clean, simple style that is easily adapted to whatever my clients had in their minds’ eye.


I am very logical and organized. I work very well with deadlines, and take great care in making sure everything I do is accurate.


I am driven by creativity. I try to constantly push the boundaries and find beautiful ways to represent the context or story of even the most mundane things.


I always aim to be easy to work with. I do my best to understand where others are coming from and to accommodate them if I can. I work very well with constructive criticism.


Design is what I love to do. I adore the challenges in creating something that works and has its own beauty. I love trying new things and learning the ever-evolving facets of the craft.

My Process

Here are the steps I follow when bringing a client’s vision to life:

  1. Briefing: Basic information about the project is gathered, i.e. what it is, when it is due, the description and any design requirements or preferences. The more detailed the brief, the better.
  2. Research: I gather information and ideas on things like what the competition is doing, what the standards are, what is not being done yet, and what things make the context of the project shine, etc…
  3. Conceptualization: I take all my information and put some rough ideas together. Once I have some firm ideas, I put together a few low-resolution mock-ups and let the client review them.
  4. Revisions: Here is where the real magic happens. We work together at this stage to make sure that the client’s vision is met, but also to make sure that the final concept works properly based on all the information gathered.
  5. Artwork: At this point the revisions are complete, and I put the final touches on the final designs. They get turned into the proper high-res, print, or live versions for the client’s use.


  • Web Design 80% 80%
  • Page Layout 80% 80%
  • Photo Manipulation 80% 80%
  • Illustration 75% 75%
  • Typography 70% 70%
  • Print Production 75% 75%
  • Marketing 70% 70%

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I am in the Toronto area, but would love to work with you anywhere through the web.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or just want to say hi.

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